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Data Redaction

Rookout offers data redaction rules to let you control sensitive data and specify which data it should not collect. In the Data Redaction page under the settings menu, an admin can define data redaction using regular expression patterns.

For example, adding a rule for the variable name “secretKey” replaces the output “secretKey”:“12345” with “secretKey”:“[REDACTED]“. Adding a rule regarding the variable value “[0-9]+” will replace “nameAndPassword”:“LordHelmet-12345” with “nameAndPassword”:“LordHelmet-****“.

Replacing the data redaction method to “Include-list” redacts all variable names and values, except those specified in the list.

Please note, data redaction settings only apply to breakpoints set after the configuration change.

The regular expressions expected syntax is the RE2. The use of flags is currently unsupported. Case sensitivity can be set using the checkbox to the left of any list item.