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Built-in Variables

When setting breakpoint conditions or breakpoint logs, you can use Rookout's built-in variables as well as your local variables.

The built-in variables are divided into classes and their attributes. For example, the variable which represents the ID of the SDK instance the message came from, is the attribute id of the rook class. To use that variable, we write

In a breakpoint log, you need to surround the variable with {} brackets like so: {}.

SDK Class

The rook class represents the Rookout SDK instance the breakpoint message has come from. Example: rook.platform

idstringThe SDK's ID
executablestringThe application the SDK is running in
command_argumentslistThe full command line of the application
platformstringThe platform (runtime) running the application
platform_typestringThe sub-platform (runtime) running the application
platform_versionstringThe platform (runtime) version
osstringThe operating system the SDK is running on
os_releasestringOS major version
os_versionstringOS full version identifier
os_stringstringOS full information
ipstringThe IP address as seen from within the machine the SDK is running on
external_ipstringThe IP address as seen from outside the machine the SDK is running on
user_commitstringThe application's git commit identifier
process_idintThe application's process id
versionstringThe SDK's version number
commitstringThe SDK's commit identifier
hostnamestringThe hostname of the machine the SDK is running on
labelsstringThe labels defined for the SDK

Breakpoint Class

The bp class represents the breakpoint that is being edited. Example: bp.lineno

user_emailstringThe email of the user who set the breakpoint
filenamestringThe file name in which the breakpoint was set
linenointLine number the breakpoint was set in
sha256stringThe SHA256 value of the file

Controller Class

The controller class represent the ETL Controller the messsage has come through. Example:

idstringThe Controller's id
hostnamestringThe Controller's hostname
ipstringThe Controller's IP address
platformstringThe controller's machine platform
versionstringThe controller's version
commitstringThe controller's commit identifier